Photographer Spotlight: Lothar Wolleh


Lothar Wolleh (1930 -1979) was one of Germany’s most successful commercial photographers. He has endured as one of my most favorite photographers ever since I picked up a camera. His work is minimalistic in nature yet poetic in vision. Once you find your way past the beautiful symmetry and composition in Lothar’s images, you’ll find yourself asking more about the photographer and less about the amazing people he’s photographing. There’s certainly something undefinable about Lothar; and I would say it’s that mystery that keeps me coming back.

Capturing the charisma and appeal of someone like Lothar Wolleh is not an easy task. He was a complex figure with a complicated personality, and a temperament which constantly veered between ecstasy and despair. Everyone who came into contact with him knows that he was an unusual – indeed, a unique – individual. He would burst onto the scene like lightning, a dynamic force for change – and then vanish again. And like lightning, wherever he “struck”, he generated a highly charged atmosphere, a heady mix of enthusiasm and creativity. – “Isn´t that crazy?!” An attempted portrait of  Lothar Wolleh by Heiner Stachelhaus

He is a diviner, a beautiful dreamer, an eccentric, a fantasist, a utopian, greedy and never satisfied, extraordinarily inventive in hunting down his prey which – in his mind – he already possesses. Addicted to the precious images which fan the flame of his imagination, he is naïve enough to believe in them, and intense enough to reach out and grasp them, the stones in his mosaic.

[Translation from German into English by Ms. Hillary Crowe]

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