17 Responses

  1. JRameau says:

    I love this collection, so Classic

  2. Zachary Cameron says:

    I agree. Remarkable stuff.

  3. BT says:

    I feel like the model is too contemporary to represent the classic fashion and mood properly. She’s got the faces, but not the features.

  4. RAMMSES says:


  5. Phid says:

    In that first photo, the model has the most flawless skin I have ever seen on a person.

  6. kiffer says:

    ^ It’s called Photoshop.

  7. maydo92 says:

    These are amazing phots, even if they have been photoshopped, they are incredible. The model almost scares me in a sense that she is so perfect, but I could not take my eyes off of her.

  8. Payton_vege says:

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