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  1. Dear Fashionistas,

    I’m a photographer, though I work in a world far removed from fashion. (Primarily aerial and architectural photography.) Still, I love beautiful women, I appreciate creative lighting, and I enjoy interesting design ideas and the creativity behind them.

    So treat me as a curious visitor from a different planet and please explain the silly shoes. Are they used just for shock value? If so, don’t they draw attention away from the model and what she’s wearing?

    I’m sure that there is some reason for including them, but I’m equally sure that nobody actually risks the ankle injury that they seem to promise.

    Please, dear chic people, enlighten a poor old hemi-demi-semi-slob.

    Thanks – Greg

  2. Zachary Cameron says:

    I assume you’re referring to Kate’s shoes in the first picture. Yeah, they’re pretty over the top. I don’t think anyone actually wears them outside of photoshoots, and even here they seem kind of out of place with Kate’s outfit.

    So yeah, they’re just a style thing here, and also an attempt to give Kate (a lot) more height because she’s only 5’7.

  3. Zachary Cameron says:

    Also, I’ve actually been to your website before. You have some really nice work. =)

  4. Thank you Zachary. You insights are much appreciated.

    — Greg

  5. eastcoast says:

    Like Zach said, the over the top shoes are to convey a styling message more than to sell them. The shoes, though totally unpractical for walking as we know it, are the far boundary of the designers vision.