Revenge by Ellen von Unwerth

Here’s a look at Ellen von Unwerth’s book entitled Revenge. Its a rather amazing collection of photographs, and if you have the chance you should really pick up a copy of the book.

Models include Tina Davis, Janelle Fishman, Sarabeth Stroller, Dorota Wójcik, Julie Ordon, Diana Stoessel, Minerva Portillo, Lenka Batkova, Sheila Ruschell, Micki Olin, Svenja Parotat, Nicole Laliberté, Travis Marshall, and Karim Bekka.

scans by finn.

3 Responses

  1. schmetterlingx3 says:

    Ellen von Unwerth is amazing!
    Best photographer ever!

  2. so amazing! thanks for these photos… unwerth has done some amazing work over the decades