10 Responses

  1. David Bean says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!!!!!

  2. Jeremy says:

    Can’t believe these. Stunning. Viva Avedon!

  3. Ben says:

    holy crap! every picture is better than the last

  4. Rob ahern says:

    Really beautiful work, long live Avedon and Leibovitz.

  5. Igor O. says:

    tetric and sublime perversion of Life and Death
    You are the MAN, Avedon
    cold kisses on your mouth

  6. Wow!

    I LOVE this… Its so outside of Avedon’s signature style range, but its still very modern and timeless. I feel like these photos could be posted in September 2010 Vogue.

    Avedon… Avedon… Avedon… R.I.P.

  7. Cape Town Puppet says:

    This has just become my second favourite shoot ever, after von Unwerth’s “Revenge”..

    Thanks for sharing! Rest in peace, master Avedon!

  8. martin says:

    Awesome!!! love it

  9. miguel angel says:

    I don’t see the ART QUESTION!, come on! SNOB PEOPLE