Pieter Hugo x Denim By Night

Pieter Hugo shoots Collete (Max Models) for his story Denim By Night. Shot in Cape Town.

Full Credits:
Photographer: Pieter Hugo
Model: Colette @ Max Models Cape Town
Make-up and Hair by Tremayne West
Styling by Margot Robinson.

7 Responses

  1. Cape Town Puppet says:

    I’m just putting it out there: the featured photographer above should not be confused with THIS Pieter Hugo… http://www.pieterhugo.com/selected-work/the-hyena-other-men/2.jpg/

  2. James says:

    I was wondering about that, thanks for clearing it up… and there I was thinking the photo journalist had totally changed his style.. Must be a bit difficult to create a name for yourself with the same name as an established photographer from the same town.

  3. Cape Town Puppet says:

    Yeah it confused and distressed me too at first, especially because I am a HUGE fan of the artist (established Hugo) – but an industry insider filled me in that the featured Pieter Hugo recently graduated from a fashion photography school (in Milan I think?) and is fresh in the pond. It might be a good idea for the featured Pieter Hugo to trade by a slightly altered name – include a middle name for example – otherwise this kind of thing will keep on happening: we end up discussing his name and not his work. Surely he doesn’t want to be known as “no-not-THAT-Pieter-Hugo”? :) Just a thought…

  4. James says:

    Agreed, although he could end up trading on it – but that would be a bit unprofessional.

  5. Cape Town 101 says:

    I can’t seem to find a website for the featured photographer. Found his twitter page though – seems he has a second name – http://twitter.com/PF_HUGO

    • Zachary Cameron says:

      He told me he doesn’t have a website yet, still working on it. I’ll be sure to come back and update the post whenever he get one.

  6. michael burt says:

    ……………..just in case anyones wondering , all clothing in this shoot by michael burt @ michiko london….