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Photographer Spotlight: Erwin Blumenfeld

Erwin Blumenfeld (1897 – 1969) was a German born American photographer who worked primarily in the world of Fashion. Undoubtedly one of the most influential fashion photographers of the early 20th century, Blumenfeld’s work helped to bring about a new level of creative artistry to the photographic medium.

Despite no formal …

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Photographer Spotlight: Guy Bourdin

Guy Bourdin (1928-1991) was perhaps the single most important photographer in the history of fashion photography. As a protégé of the legendary Man Ray, Bourdin made huge waves in the fashion world with his seductive, provocative, and at times violent imagery. His work is often credited with being the …

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Photographer Spotlight: Alvaro Puentes

I am absolutely in love with the work of Alvaro Puentes. Working out of Chile, Alvaro says he is inspired by people and the beauty he finds in everyday life. Interestingly, Alvaro also tells us that he hates being regarded as an artist; “I think I’m just …


Photographer Spotlight: Guido Argentini

Guido Argentini is an Italian born fine art photographer (that’s a rather loose categorization, by the way) known mostly for his studies of women. You’ve probably seen his “Silver” series making its way around the internet lately, so aside from that I thought we’d try to highlight some of his …

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Photographer Spotlight: Chris Searl

The fashion photography of Chris Searl. From his bio:

As a photographer Chris has completed national and international campaigns for Levis, Mooks, Mambo, Sony Music, Bonds, Stussy, Insight, Modular Records, Volcom, DC Shoes and a number of magazine titles, including The Sunday Magazine, Vice, Intersection, Oyster, Nylon and Japans ‘Beikoku Ongaku’. …

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Photographer Spotlight: Craig Nunn

Craig Nunn is a London based photographer that shoots entirely in film (something that we encourage all of you to do). He has recently shot for Vice and is featured in the upcoming Company of People book.

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Photographer Spotlight: Tony Kelly

Tony Kelly is a Dublin born photographer, predominately now working in fashion.

Tony’s carrer started at Independent Newspaper Group and spent his formative years covering people and places that most of us never want to see. Such as the civil war in Rwanda and the war in Afghanistan. …

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Quick Look: Madame Peripetie

Love the work of fashion and surrealist photographer Madame Peripetie (real name Sylwana Zybura).

As a side note, we are going to start doing a few of these “Quick Looks” to highlight more, possibly lesser known, artists and photographers. They will be shorter (limited to one or two images) than …