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The Cowl

I got a new fashion toy the other day (you can see me in it above). Go check it out over at Stylegrad.


I’m Back!

We just got back into town today from our road trip. Sorry for the downtime! Expect touchpuppet to resume regular service by tomorrow. Of course I’ll also make an update about the trip soon so stay tuned for that.

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Touchpuppet Paparazzi

While the boy half of Touchpuppet endures treacherous driving conditions (snow, Manhattan) & samples fine food from Texas to Canada the girl half stays behind to sell & create at her job. At the end of an early & long day she was snapped by writer & street style photographer …

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Touchpuppet Roadtrip

Just a reminder that we are leaving tomorrow afternoon for our road trip. I’ll update touchpuppet as often as possible and I’ll have daily trip updates on our facebook page and on twitter. Hit us up if you’re in any of the towns we’re visiting!

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Google Wave Invites

I have 25 google wave invites to hand out to our lovely readers. Please leave a comment and I will pick 25 of you at random.

UPDATE: I’ve sent out about 15 invites so far. Leave a reply if you’ve gotten yours… Hard to keep track of them all.

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Touchpuppet’s 2009 Roadtrip

We want to play with you! If you’re in Washington D.C., New York City or Montréal, let us know and we will try to set something up! Email us at letsplay AT touchpuppet DOT com with your details/location.

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Reader Talent #2

This is the second installment of our Reader Talent series. If you’re unaware of the series, please go here for more information. This weeks installment is rather small but nevertheless I really like both the artists. Lets see some more submissions!


Touchpuppet Project #1 ‘Original Strangers’

While I was in art school studying photography, my favorite photo assignments were always the ones that forced me to go out and shoot an idea or concept that I probably would have otherwise never considered. Sometimes the concept was exceedingly brilliant, and sometimes just flat out stupid, but the …


Tokyo Cat Bars

In Tokyo they have these “cat bars” all over the place. Basically you pay a few bucks and you get to hang out with a bunch of cats until the wee hours of the morning. People are often confused by the idea of the cat bar, but once …

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Touchpuppet In Tokyo

Here are some pictures from my recent 15 day trip to Tokyo. I think I am drinking in damn near every photo… :X Pictured above is me with a piece by Os Gemeos, and me with a 1,000ml beer. I still have a lot of videos and …